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iPhone Manage Location Data

iOS 14: How to manage location data access for iPhone and iPad

Advertisers use location data from your iPhone to personalize ads or news stories to you. This is obviously a way to use technology to generate...

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iPhone XS repair services

Taking Underwater Shots With Your iPhone XS

One upon a time, photography enthusiasts needed to spend a lot of money to buy special equipment for taking underwater photos. Considering that water is...

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iPhone Services

How to protect your iPhone: passcode versus facial recognition.

There are three ways you can lock your iPhone to keep it safe from other people using it or stealing your data. If you have...

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iPhone repair services

How to keep your iPhone safe at the beach

Your iPhone is an extension of just about everything you do. It’s a way to stay connected with friends and family through texts and phone...

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iPhone repair services

How to use widgets in iOS 14

When iOS 14 launches sometime this fall, there will be some new functionality available that will make your smartphone a total genius. One of those...

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iOS Feature

Using the sound recognition accessibility feature in iOS 14

In June 2020, Apple announced that it will be adding an interesting feature to the iPhone that allows people with hearing disabilities to be alerted...

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how to take better pictures with iPhone.

Tips on how to take better pictures with your iPhone

In the 80 years before the first commercial cameras were introduced, it is estimated that a few million photos were taken. Thirty years after Kodak...

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