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Cell Phone Zone and Tech Solutions Merge

May 26, 2021

Cell Phone Zone Virginia and Tech Solutions have always been locally owned and operated by the same management team for years. However, to provide better services to our customers and to prevent any confusion about them being competitive entities, we have decided to merge under one name and will now both be known as Cell Phone Zone. We will use the Cell Phone Zone website and contact information that are currently in existence.

Customers who have bookmarked the Tech Solutions website will be redirected to the Cell Phone Zone site automatically. The redirect will not be permanently in place, however, so it is highly recommended that you bookmark the Cell Phone Zone URL (https://cellphonezoneva.com//) and delete the Tech Solutions bookmark after that has been done.

Location information will remain the same:


Patrick Henry Mall

12300 Jefferson Ave.,

Suite 216 Newport News




5124 Center Street




Chesapeake Square Mall

4200 Portsmouth Boulevard




Lynnhaven Mall  

701 Lynnhaven Parkway

(in front of Victoria’s Secret)

Virginia Beach



Newport News  

12638 Jefferson Avenue,

Suite #25 Newport News



Cell Phone Zone will still provide the same excellent service and repairs on smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, smartwatches, computers, and even iPods we have always provided. From cracked screens to battery replacements, to diagnostics, speaker, port, and button repair, camera service, and new central processing units (CPUs), if you’re having a problem with your device, we’re here to help.

One service many people forget we offer is a partnership with local businesses and schools. We know that technology is an important tool for running a business or shaping young minds, so when you partner with us, all you need to do is complete a work order to let us know what device is having any issue and what the problem is, then we’ll arrange to pick up the device or devices at your school or place of business. Once the proper diagnostics and repairs are completed, we’ll get it back to you quickly to keep your efforts moving in the right direction.

But you don’t need to be a business or school to get fast repairs and competitive pricing, and walk-ins are always welcome. Even if you don’t have a manufacturer’s warranty or the warranty you had has expired, we can save you money and provide you with superior service.

Did we mention that we buy, sell, and trade devices also? If you’re looking into upgrading to a newer model but don’t want to shell out the cash for the latest release, come trade your current device in for an upgrade and get all the benefits without the big price tag.

The bottom line is, we want to let you know that we’re still here for you, whether you’ve previously been a Cell Phone Zone customer or you have worked with Tech Solutions in the past. Nothing has really changed except for the Tech Solutions name is going away. Again, we didn’t want it to be confusing, so we’re hoping you’ll still come by and see us with all your repair and service needs.