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Four reasons why you should consider buying a used cell phone.

January 18, 2021

You’re ready to upgrade your current phone, but you’re not prepared to pay $1,000 or more to do so. Buying a used cell phone can provide you with the best of both worlds.

Cell Phone Zone regularly buys and sells previously owned smartphones. For older models, we can use the parts to service other customer phones. For newer models, people looking to upgrade from their current model can look through our selection of smartphones to potentially upgrade to a newer model without needing to buy the latest release.

Here are four reasons you should consider buying a used cell phone from us:

Price. As mentioned earlier, you may not want to shell out big money to get a newer phone. If you don’t need to have the absolute latest model iPhone or Android that’s currently on the market, you can get a great phone for a fraction of the price, that’s still newer than your current model.

– Environment. Buying a used smartphone keeps older-model devices from ending up in a landfill. Consider that Americans send 139.6 million tons of trash to landfills each year, doing everything you can to reduce, reuse, and recycle can make a big difference.

– Kids. Maybe you aren’t even ready to trade your phone in for an upgrade. Perhaps you’d just like to get a smartphone for your children (especially if you have more than one) so you can keep in touch with them throughout the day. Buying a used phone is a great way to get them a device at a great price. And since younger kids have a propensity to be a bit careless and rambunctious, you might not be as worried about them breaking the screen or damaging an older phone.

– Assurance. Cell Phone Zone thoroughly tests and checks each phone that we buy or receive as a trade to make sure the phone will provide reliable service for years to come for its next owner.

If you’re not ready to trade your phone in just yet but you need to have it serviced to fix a broken screen, dead battery, or more complicated electronic issues so you can extend the life of the phone until you’re ready for an upgrade, stop by any Cell Phone Zone location for fast service and great pricing. We’re here to serve your smartphone, tablet, gaming systems, and computer problems.

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