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How A Broken Screen Can Cause Issues With Your iPad

October 1, 2021

For many, the convenience and utility of the iPad have made it an indispensable part of our daily lives. Its many uses and portability allow us to access the internet, play movies and games, and are often used as a point of sale system in many shops and restaurants. Because we depend on them for so many things, it is especially disruptive when they break down.

The screen on your iPad is made of multi-layered glass. Although they are engineered to be durable when in normal use, this also makes them fragile, and when the screens become damaged, it can affect the operation of your device. Cracked or broken screens not only affect the functionality of your device, a broken screen may be dangerous to use.

There are things you can do to help prevent damage to your iPad that will keep it in service. Cell Phone Zone is proven to be the most convenient and reliable for you in terms of repairing broken screen iPad & all pervasive issues you could face now or in the future. So below we have shown some of the most faced hitches which are,

Prevent Damage by Falls and Shock– 

A quality case will help protect your iPad from accidental falls or shocks, or if the screen is struck by an object. Shock damage is the most common cause of damage to iPads and will necessitate repair for your broken iPad screen.

Water Damage– 

This is another common cause of damage to iPad screens. Again, a shock and water-resistant case will provide a layer of protection to your device.


Keeping an iPad in an overheated vehicle or leaving it on or near heated surfaces can cause your screen to warp or malfunction. Be aware of your surroundings when using your iPad.

Types of iPad Screen Damage

Depending on the generation of your iPad (or iPad mini), the screens are made of different types of glass that perform specific functions. Older versions of the iPad (and iPad mini) have a layered glass and digitizer, with a dedicated LCD display underlying that. A crack in the upper layer of glass alone is an easier and cheaper repair than a break in the LCD panel below. Newer versions feature a fused glass assembly. If this is broken, you will require a replacement for the entire screen assembly.

Small cracks in your screen may occur in the corners, often due to mishandling. This may not initially affect the operation of your device, however, beware of those cracks spreading across the screen. Cracks that spread across the entire screen can compromise the touch sensitivity or make the device unresponsive.

In the event of damage to your iPad screen, you have a couple of options. If your device is under warranty, you can use Apple repair services. If not, there are a number of do-it-yourself options available online, along with kits and tutorials. While these fixes might seem like a quick and cost-effective method to repair your cracked or broken iPad screen, this is not recommended for the end-user due to the complexity of iPad screens and the internal workings of the device. It is possible to cause permanent damage to your iPad through improper repair efforts.

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