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How customers can contact us for repairs and service

May 26, 2021

If you’ve been a Tech Solutions customer in the past, you may notice something a little different the next time you come in for service. Locally owned and operated companies Cell Phone Zone VA and Tech Solutions are combining under one name to provide better services to our customers and to make it less confusing that we’re really both the same company.

 Very little will change as we merge the two companies under one umbrella. We’ll still have the same locations we’ve always had and you’ll be able to get in touch with us at the addresses and phone numbers below:


Patrick Henry 

Mall 12300 Jefferson Ave.,

Suite 216 Newport News




5124 Center Street




Chesapeake Square Mall

4200 Portsmouth Boulevard




Lynnhaven Mall

701 Lynnhaven Parkway 

(in front of Victoria’s Secret)

Virginia Beach



Newport News

12638 Jefferson Avenue,

Suite #25 Newport News



One thing that will happen is that the Tech Solutions website will be going away. Visitors that are used to going to the Tech Solutions page will be automatically redirected to the Cell Phone Zone website. So, if you use bookmarks, we suggest you add the Cell Phone Zone VA site right now so you’ll have it for future reference (https://cellphonezoneva.com//).

When it was announced the apple store at MacArthur Center Mall would be closing, a number of iPhone and iPad users were worried they would not be able to get the devices serviced. Not to worry. We’re here for you and we will offer the same quality parts, expert service, and pricing that is easier on your wallet, even if your manufacturer warranty has expired or you didn’t opt for the extended warranty plan.

How can you be sure your device will be fixed correctly? Many of the technicians that we have in our repair facilities have been through manufacturer training programs and they have all the tools they need to replace a device screen or battery, fixed electrical issues, repair damaged ports, buttons, speakers, and cameras, and more. In fact, our technicians will even handle some of the jobs that a manufacturer won’t touch, because they think it’ll take more time than it is worth and they will suggest you simply purchase a new device from them.

That’s not how we work. We offer free diagnostics on your device to quickly identify the root of the problem, then we take care of whatever needs to be fixed, using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, so you’re still getting the same quality hardware you expect from your manufacturer of choice. Plus, we’ll provide a limited warranty on parts and service to cover the work we do.

And we can service more than just smartphones and tablets. We also provide repairs for gaming consoles, laptops, and smartwatches. Most repairs can be done the same day you bring your device in and you won’t be surprised by an outrageous repair bill. Looking to upgrade instead? We buy, trade, and sell devices, too, so you can get an upgrade without paying for the latest model release or walk away with cash in hand.

Tech Solutions or Cell Phone Zone Virginia customers, now you can count on everything you’ve come to expect from us, under one name. Come visit us.