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How long does it take to get a MacBook screen replaced?

January 8, 2020

While laptop screen breakage is far less common than cell phone screen cracks, they can get damaged from time to time, even if they are protected by a padded case. While you might think having the laptop closed would protect the screen, the cover of your MacBook can get “squeezed,” especially if you are flying and you need to store your laptop under your seat during takeoff or landing. There are some very fragile connections to the screen that can get damaged if excessive pressure is applied to the back of the case, especially if it is on a concentrated pressure point. While it might not crack the screen itself, it could damage connections that carry light to the screen, so you may see pixilation, fuzzy bars, lack of color in places, or total grey out when booting up your laptop.

Replacing the screen itself is a pretty simple and quick procedure. However, once the new screen is in place, there are some diagnostic tests that need to be run before the new screen will be fully functional. This could take anywhere from three to five hours, no matter where you take your MacBook.

However, if you take your laptop to an Apple store for repair, be aware that most Apple stores do not do MacBook screen repairs on site. They will ship it off to a service center which generally takes three to five business days, maybe longer. You can also ship it to an Apple service center yourself, but that will also mean you’ll be without your laptop for three to five business days, on top of the time it takes for Apple to ship you a box in which to ship it, which can be ordered online.

A better solution would be to bring your MacBook to Cell Phone Zone. We have the capability to repair laptop screens onsite and can have your MacBook back to you within a few hours. Keep in mind that if you come in late in the day we may need to keep it overnight so the diagnostics can continue to run after our normal business hours.

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