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How to change your iPhone wallpaper or themes.

April 8, 2021

Your iPhone comes with a customization feature that allows you to change the background on your background screens to make your phone even more uniquely yours. You may want to do this if there are several iPhones in your home that look similar and you want to be able to differentiate them with a quick tap, or you may just want to customize your wallpaper with something more personal to you, perhaps with a photo of a favorite destination or vacation, a loved one, or to memorialize a cherished pet that may no longer be with you.

You can change your Lock Screen (the screen that appears when you wake your phone up), the Home Screen (the one that appears behind your apps when your phone is unlocked), or both. The process itself is very simple. However, there are some other facets to changing the look of your phone that can help you customize it even further. Let’s start with the basic process first:

  Open “Settings” and scroll down to “Wallpaper.”

  At the top of the page, click on “Choose a New Wallpaper.”

  You will be given the option to choose from three categories that Apple has supplied or from your own personal photos that are in your iPhones photo library.

  If you want to simply go with an Apple wallpaper, you have three options: Dynamic, Stills, and Live. By clicking on any one category, you will be given several different options to choose from, offering a variety of color pallets. Choose the one that most appeals to you.

  When selecting a “Dynamic” wallpaper, the background on your phone will periodically change automatically as you watch it.

  When selecting a “Stills” wallpaper, you will note that there are two different screens for each option. This is to show you what the screen will look like when Dark Mode is off or on.

  When selecting a “Live” screen, the option you choose will go into motion when you press and hold on the screen of your phone. You also have the option to turn this feature off by clicking on the “Live Screen” button next to “Cancel” and changing the setting to “Off.”

  If you want to use one of your own photos, you can select from “All Photos,” “Recents,” “Favorites,” “Selfies,” “Live Photos,” “Bursts,” or from any folders you may have created. While deciding which to use, you may want to consider whether the photo you want should be vertical (tall) or horizontal (wide). The photo will actually adjust automatically once you select it, but if you normally view your phone in the vertical position, you may prefer to select from only vertically formatted photos.

  Either way, you’ll be able to move and zoom in or out on the photo so it best fits your screen.

 Once you have the provided option or personal photo you want, press “Set” to lock it in. You will be given the option at this point to set the image as your Lock Screen, your Home Screen, or both. You can have different images for each option.

If you want to further customize your iPhone, you can install themes from various apps, and you can also customize your widgets to provide you with what information you want to see on your home screen.

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