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How to Fix Sound Issues on Your iPhone or Android

February 24, 2021

Being able to make or receive calls on your phone is great. Actually being able to hear the person on the other end is even better. So is listening to music, Or sounds on games, Or the audio paired with the videos you take Or the tones you’ve associated with alarms, timers, reminders, incoming texts, etc.

In other words, the sound is a pretty important feature of your smartphone, no matter how you use it. So, when sound issues crop up, it’s pretty frustrating.

Here are five simple things you can do to try to resolve the issue yourself:


You’ve probably already checked, but make sure your phone’s volume level isn’t set too low. You can do that by using the volume adjust buttons, or by going through “Settings.”

Do Not Disturb:

The Do Not Disturb function on your phone will silence all incoming calls and notification sounds when toggled on. Again, you can toggle it off by going into your “Settings.”


When your phone is paired with a Bluetooth device, the sound is sent to that device and won’t be heard on your phone. Make sure that your Bluetooth connections are all off.


Power your phone down, wait 20 seconds, then ramp it back up. Sometimes just doing a hard reset can correct issues that cause temporary problems.


If you have an audio port on your phone, plug in your earbuds to see if you’re getting any sound. If you don’t have an input, pair your wireless headphones through Bluetooth. In either case, if you don’t hear sounds through the phone’s speakers, but you can hear things through external sources, you may have an electrical problem or issues with the speakers.

You still have one more course of action. Bring your phone to Cell Phone Zone and let us run a comprehensive diagnostic. If we find an issue with the electrical connections or even if you need new speakers, we solve the problem quickly and at a surprisingly competitive price. And if you want to hear something that’s really music to your ears, we can usually have your cell phone back to you the same day you bring it in.

How does that sound?

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