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How to prepare your Apple devices for remote learning.

September 29, 2020

Remote learning is a great alternative to potentially exposing hundreds of students, teachers, and administrators to COVID-19 during this current pandemic. While some might argue that receiving lessons at home or another safe space via a smart device is not the most effective way for students to learn because it reduces the hands-on element, it’s definitely better than completely abandoning education altogether.

Some parents have taken matters into their own hands by homeschooling their children. This is also an excellent way to keep kids engaged in continuing their studies, but it is not always a viable option for parents who are working full time, either back at their physical place of business or from home.


Despite some pushback from some parents about remote learning, school systems are finding new and improved ways to bring the school to the students by using technology. As the need for things such as mobile device management systems (MDMs) evolves, innovation will evolve as well, providing increasingly better ways for teachers and students to interact in a virtual environment.


This is obviously creating a learning curve for many school officials, educators, students, and parents. While some schools have the financial resources available to provide students with dedicated remote learning devices such as iPads, some are relying on each student to provide their own iPhone or iPad that needs to be connected to an overall MDM. Schools that have dedicated devices most likely also have a team of Information Technology (IT) professionals on staff to prep the devices before they go out to students, and keep the MDMs up to date.


For those who are using their own Apple devices to connect to a distance learning protocol, the school’s IT department should be able to provide you with a manual on what you’ll need to know about accessing apps and resources for use at home. However, you can use Group Facetime to easily video conference with teachers and classmates and Messages for real-time updates and notifications. You’ll also want to make sure you are using the latest version of iOS and iPadOS to be sure your device can handle all of the remote learning features.

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