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How to use iCloud photo sharing to share your iPhone photos.

November 20, 2020

We all want to share the magic moment in our lives, whether it’s a birthday party for a child that the grandparents couldn’t attend, or a special event with friends that everybody in the photos wants access to. The process is easy with an iPhone.

Here’s what to do:

Update. You first want to make sure you have the latest iOS loaded on your phone, whether it’s a new release or a patch to fix bugs. Simply go to “Settings,” scroll down to “General,” and check to see if there is a “Software Update” you can load.

iCloud. Once your operating system is fully up to date, go back into settings and click at the top where your phone name is (underneath you’ll see “Apple ID, iCloud, Media & Purchases”). On the next screen, click on “iCloud,” then tap on “Photos.” Under “Shared Albums” on the next screen, make sure your button is toggled to the right and showing green behind it.

Photos. To create an album, go to your “Photos” app and tap on the “+” sign. You’ll be given the option to create a “New Album,” a “New Folder,” or a “New Shared Album.” When you tap on “New Shared Album,” you’ll be given the option to name the album. Once you’ve named it, click on “Next.” You’ll then be allowed to add contacts from your phone to the shared album. You can either manually type the name or names of the people you want to invite and choices will come up from your “Contacts” list, or you can click on the circled “+” sign to go to your “Contacts” list. Once you’ve added all the names you want, click on “Create.” Once your “Shared Album” is created, you can start adding photos to it by clicking on the folder and clicking the “+” sign. Click on the photos you want to add, the press “Done.” You will then be given the option to “Post” the “Shared Album.”

Albums. When you create the album and add names, your contacts will receive a notice. They have the option to join your album or opt out by cancelling. Once they accept the invitation, they will then receive the photos from the “Shared Album.” That’s all there is to it.

If you need assistance getting the “Shared Album” feature to work for you, or if there is a problem that requires some kind of cell phone repair, stop by any convenient Cell Phone Zone store. We’ll be happy to get you fixed up and ready to go when it comes to sharing your life stories in photos.

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