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How to use widgets in iOS 14

July 25, 2020

When iOS 14 launches sometime this fall, there will be some new functionality available that will make your smartphone a total genius. One of those options includes being able to use widgets on screens other than where they currently are in the Today View, which is all the way to the left when swiping right on your phone when powered up.

Once available, you’ll be able to add widgets to your home screen by long pressing any widget in the Today View. When the “Edit Home Screen” option appears in the popup window, tapping it will set the page into jiggle mode. From there you can click and drag and widget in the Today View and place it wherever you like on your home page.

While in jiggle mode, a “plus” (+) button will appear at the top left-hand corner of your home screen. Tapping it will take you to the Widget Gallery, where you’ll be able to find and customize a host of other widgets that may not be included on your Today View. Tapping on a widget within the Widget Gallery list will allow you to view the size and content options available for the widget you chose.

When selecting a widget, you’ll be able to choose how big you’d like it to be on your home screen. A small widget takes up the same space as four apps. A medium widget will be rectangular and takes up the same space as eight apps. A large widget will take up 16 app spaces in the shape of a square.

As an example, if you choose the weather widget, the small size will show you the current temperature and weather conditions. The medium widget will show you that, plus the forecast for the rest of the day. The large widget will show you all of the above, plus the forecast for the week ahead. Further, a feature called Widget Stacks will allow you to stack multiple widgets on top of each other for ease of use.

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