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iPhone Battery not Charging to 100%? Here’s the fix!

April 24, 2021

If you have ever plugged in your cell phone and left it charging overnight or for an extended period of time and it’s still not reaching a full charge, you know how annoying it can be. However, there are a few things you can try to get your phone back up to the 100 percent charge mark if you feel you need a full charge to get through a long day.


One of the reasons your iPhone may not be charging to more than 80 percent or so is because Apple actually added a failsafe to keep your battery from overcharging. The recommended charging level to protect your battery and increase its useful life is between 30-80 percent, so it basically shuts the charging down when you’re not using your phone.

You can get around this by turning off the “Optimized Battery Charging” feature in “Settings.” Scroll down to “Battery” and tap on it, then tap on “Battery Health” on the next page. On the following page, toggle “Optimized Battery Charging” to off. You can either “Turn Off Until Tomorrow” if you want the phone to automatically reset to optimization, or you can “Turn Off” permanently, or at least until you physically toggle it back on.


As we have mentioned previously, extreme temperatures are not good for your phone’s battery. When using your phone excessively, including charging, heat can build up within the phone’s casing. If you’ve toggled “Optimized Battery Charging” to off and you still can’t charge to 100 percent, put the phone on a surface that will help dissipate the heat buildup while the phone is charging.

You definitely want to keep your phone out of direct sunlight while charging, so look for a cool, well-ventilated room and try to prop the phone up so air can flow under it during the charging process. If you have a protective case on your phone, it’s beneficial to remove the case before trying an extended charge. This will also help to keep heat from being trapped internally.


Apps running in the background while you are charging can suck up a lot of power and can also be one of the reasons your phone gets very warm when charging. You can force quit apps during the charge, then turn them back on when done. There are a number of different ways a force quit can be done, depending on the model iPhone you have and which version of iOS you are running. In most cases, it involves double-clicking on the home button to open the App Switcher.


One culprit that can lead to poor charging conditions is if you’re using an aftermarket charger instead of the charger that came with your iPhone. If you have tried the methods mentioned above and still aren’t getting a satisfactory charge from your aftermarket charger, order a new charging cable directly from Apple to see if that does the trick.

If you have tried all of the suggestions above and your phone still won’t fully charge, there may be some other problem with wiring or the central processing unit that needs professional attention. Bring your phone to any Cell Phone Zone location and let us run a diagnostic to isolate the problem. Our highly skilled technicians have the tools and knowledge needed to get to the source and quickly correct it.

Don’t worry if your Apple warranty has expired. We’ll provide you with fast service at a quality price to get you back in business, usually the same day you bring your phone to us, even if the one-year warranty from Apple has expired and you did not opt to purchase the extended care insurance.

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