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Keeping up with digital equipment in a virtual classroom.

September 18, 2020

Today’s educators and students are being presented with a whole new set of challenges during the age of virtual classrooms. Not that the equipment for distance learning is new, but for many the experience is uncharted territory and requires some people to step out of their comfort zones as they find new ways to embrace change.

Each school district is responsible for how the lessons are getting out to students, meaning that there are probably a variety of different learning management systems (LMS) being used currently. However, teachers are still able to project their own individual style in the actual lessons. In some cases, the teachers have become the students, learning how to use learning management systems effectively and discovering new facets of software that can help them add emphasis to the learning process while still engaging students.

Students are also adjusting to “the new norm” in the process. While many young people have grown up in a tech savvy world and are no strangers to smartphones and tablets, they are learning a new sense of responsibility that comes from learning in a virtual environment. This may include finding a designated, distraction-free area they can use for their “classroom,” and making sure they respect their teachers and classmates by being on time for class and prepared for each day’s lessons. It also means having their smartphone or tablet fully charged ahead of time, that the camera is on and functioning properly, and that they keep their device muted until called upon.

Cell Phone Zone VA understands what a huge role technology is playing in distance learning. We also understand that if devices aren’t working properly, it could severely hamper students’ ability to hear, see, and comprehend the lessons being taught each day.

We’re here to support educational institutions that provide the devices students need to stay connected. When problems occur, we can troubleshoot and repair all of the top model cell phones and tablets, as well as provide same-day service in many cases. We also offer very competitive pricing on our repairs and guarantee our work to ensure that no one is left behind when it comes to virtual learning.