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Considering the amazing amount of delicate hardware that’s on and inside a smartphone, it’s not surprising that they need repair services every once in a while. The most common malady for cell phones and tablets is cracked, scratched, or shattered screens that makes the phone difficult or impossible to use effectively. And even though device manufacturers are constantly trying to upgrade the sturdiness of smartphones and tablets, accidents just seem to keep happening. Plus, when a phone takes a hit hard enough to shatter the glass, it’s also possible that some of the internal components can be damaged in the process.

This is where Cell Phone Zone VA in Chesapeake can step in to save the day. We have the skills, the knowledge, the parts, and the tools to restore your damaged smartphone or tablet and get you back in business as quickly as possible. But we do more than just replace screens. Here are some of the top cell phone repair issues people have with their devices that we can remedy:

  • Water Damage.

    Smartphones can be a bit slippery, even with a protective case, which is why so many cell phones get damaged every day. This explains why people break or shatter the screens on their devices every two seconds in the United States, but it’s also why phones end up getting dropped in the toilet, the bathtub, a sink full of soapy water, fountains, pools, lakes, rivers, and the ocean almost as frequently as they get dropped on hard surfaces. That doesn’t even count how many times phones get drenched when someone spills a drink on a phone while it’s sitting on a table or countertop. And even though smartphone manufacturers are making their devices more impervious to water damage so they can be used for underwater photography, if the glass or case of your phone is at all damaged, moisture can get in and do some serious damage to the internal electronics.

  • Batteries.

    Like anything else that gets used constantly, batteries can wear out over time. The chemicals inside the battery can only go through a certain number of use and recharging cycles until they get to the point where they can no longer effectively hold a charge. This means the battery will slowly start to lose how long it can operate on a full charge until it is no longer useful at all.

  • Ports.

    Now that most phones use wireless earbuds and can be charged without a cable, damage to the charging port and earphone port aren’t as big an issue. However, for older phones, constantly inserting and removing a charging or earbud cable can cause the connection between the port and the plug to get less tight, causing sound quality issues with earbuds and charging problems with charging cables.

    Cell Phone Zone VA can help with all of these issues and more, including replacing screens and batteries, running diagnostics to determine electrical problems, and installing new ports, audio speakers, and buttons. We can provide you with the most cost-effective repairs around, and, in most cases, we can have your device back to you the same day you bring it to us—often within just an hour or so, depending on the issue.

    We’re centrally located in Chesapeake near Portsmouth, Norfolk, and Suffolk, so we’re convenient and easy to find. Bring your damage device to us and let us show you why we’ve been in business since 2009, providing the best repairs and customer service available.

Cell Phone Repair Chesapeake Center

4200 Portsmouth Blvd.
Chesapeake, VA 23321

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Mon – Sat 10 AM – 9 PM
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Cell Phone Repair Chesapeake Center

High-Quality OEM Parts
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Same day repairs for most of the devices
Competitive prices
Great Customer Service
1 Year warranty on all Cell Phone Repairs

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