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Overheating issues with the iphones

Overheating Issues With the iPhone 11

July 26, 2021

We all depend on our phones for so much in our daily lives. The iPhone 11 provides a suite of functions and features to keep you in touch with the world and provides internet access for information, gaming, and so much more. It’s necessary to know how to operate your iPhone 11 properly so that it can provide the maximum benefit for you. But when there’s a problem, not everyone is a repair specialist. If, for example your iPhone 11 is getting too hot, there may be unnecessary applications open in your device, or you may be experiencing a problem with the peripherals. There are some tips and steps you can take to manage this.

Your iPhone 11 is optimized to operate between 32º to 95º F (0 º to 35 ºC). If you are using your iPhone 11 in an environment that is too hot or too cold, Your iPhone will attempt to self-regulate its temperature. While cold temperatures have been known to shorten battery life, operating an iPhone 11 while too hot will not extend the life of the battery.

Here’s a quick troubleshooting list of possible sources of overheating and some fixes:

Use while Charging/Overcharging
Are you using your iPhone while it is plugged into the charger? If so, this may cause an overheating issue. Plugging the charging cord into your device causes heating during the recharging cycle. Operating the phone free of the charger may help. Also be careful of aftermarket charging devices. Some cables and charging ports, external batteries, etc. may be incompatible with your device and cause overheating. Are you overcharging your device? Leaving your iPhone 11 connected to a charging source too long may cause your device to overheat. Only charge your device as much as necessary. Use a trusted original equipment charging source.

Bad Battery/Poor Quality Battery
Is the battery in your iPhone 11 at the end of its serviceable life? A bad battery may cause your device to overheat when in use. Please check the condition of your battery regularly to ensure that it is in good repair and operating properly. If it is time to replace your battery, note that not all available aftermarket batteries advertised for the iPhone 11 from all resellers are compatible with your device. A substandard battery can cause your phone to overheat and may result in damage. Original equipment retailers are a trusted source of aftermarket batteries.

Turn-Off AirDrop and Bluetooth
If your iPhone 11 is overheating, the issue can often be resolved by closing these apps. There are instances where keeping Bluetooth and AirDrop running in the background can cause your device to overheat. Keep them turned off if they are not needed. To close these apps, simply touch the upper right quadrant of the screen and swipe down. There you will find Bluetooth and Airdrop icons. By disabling unnecessary applications, you reduce amount of active computing power inside your device, and should reduce overheating.

Disable Location Services
This is another method to drop a large bundleof active tasks from the processor and cool it down. Running the Location Services function requires a large amount of processing power and causes the processor to work unnecessarily hard, which often results in overheating. You can lighten the burden on your operation system by tapping to activate the privacy option in the Settings section. You can disable the Location Services function here.

Overheating While Gaming/Watching Videos
If you are operating your iPhone 11 constantly over a long period of time, it may be prone to overheating. There are external aftermarket cooling fans that can be attached to your device to reduce overheating.

Low Battery Mode
Another method to control overheating issues in your iPhone 11 is to change over to Low Power mode. This will reduce the computing power inside of your device. To enable this mode, go to Settings, and choose Low Battery Mode.

If Your Device is Unresponsive
You may need to force a Restart of your device. To do this,locate the Volume button on the side of your iPhone11. Press and release the ‘Volume Up’ button quickly, and then quickly press and release the ‘Volume Down’ button.Then press and hold the side button and wait for the Apple logo to appear onscreen.