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Protect your cell phones and tablets from mobile malware.

October 7, 2020

Short for “malicious software,” malware is often referred to as a virus because it is software designed to cause damage to a computer, server, or network. This includes your smartphones and tablets. There are several different types of malware that can affect your device:

– Adware frequently subjects device users to pop-up ads or sometimes redirects the users to different web pages or applications.

– Banker malware attempts to steal your online banking credentials without your knowledge.

– Ransomware demands money in exchange for the functionality of your device to be unlocked.

– Rooting malware can unlock the operating system of your device to provide the malware originator with added access to your device and data.

– SMS malware can send and intercept text messages to and from your device.

– Spyware monitors and records all activity on your device to learn about your usage patterns.

– Trojan malware is hidden within a piece of software that seems innocent on the outside, but has seriously bad intent on the inside.

Considering how many people now prefer to use their smartphones or tablets for surfing the web versus using a laptop or desktop computer, it only makes sense that we need to follow the same safety protocols we’ve been using with our computers for years. Here are a few things you can do to protect your mobile devices from malware attacks:

– Protection: There are a number of companies such as Norton™ and McAfee® that can install software on your device to constantly screen for malware and other attacks on your operating system or data. You will pay a fee for the protection, but it’s worth it to keep yourself safe at all times.

– Apps: Always be sure to download apps from a reliable company. “Jailbreaking” your device to install third party apps that are normally not authorized for use on your device will not only make it more susceptible to malware attacks, it will void any warranties you have with your device manufacturer and data carrier.

– Updates: Be sure to always take advantage of operating systems updates when they become available. This can add an extra layer of protection from outside sources.

– Phishing: Avoid clicking on email or SMS links you don’t trust or that come from outside sources you do not know.

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