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Surprising facts about cellphone repair

Surprising Facts About Cell Phone Repair

August 2, 2021

Our cell phones have become essentially extensions of ourselves. The United Nations International Telecommunications Union conducted a study that revealed that there are currently more phones on earth than there are people. It’s almost impossible to imagine life now without one.

There is also an actual clinical term for the psychological condition of being without a mobile phone or being disconnected from a signal or online connection. It’s referred to as “NOMOPHOBIA  ”(or NO MObilePHonePhoBIA).

“The online polling service OnePull, SecurEnvoy found that 66% of the 1,000 people surveyed in the United Kingdom say they fear losing or being without their phone. Just four years ago a similar survey found that only 53% of people suffered from nomophobia.”The Los Angeles Times, 17 Feb. 2012

Has this happened to you? Do you feel lost without your device? If you are one of the people who has broken or damaged their cell phone, relax- you are in good company . Almost 45 percent of people damage or break their cell phones, and they tend to do so within the first 10 weeks. According to most studies, men seem to be the worst culprits when it comes to damaging their phones, with women just behind them statistically.

Cracked or broken screens are the most commonly occurring type of mobile phone damage.

This type of damage occurs most frequently when people drop, sit on, or even throw their phones. Smartphone screens are primarily glass and being fragile by nature are susceptible to all sorts of damage. There are many options for screen repairs, not all of them are recommended. Minor cracks may not affect the function of your phone and are purely cosmetic. Serious cracks and shattered screens present more problems. Using a piece of clear tape may keep the broken pieces in place and reduce the chances of being cut on shards of glass, but this is a temporary fix and does nothing to restore touch screen functionality.  Many online vendors offer the outer glass as a remedy for a broken screen. But this is just the outer glass- it does nothing to help if the underlying LCD digitizer panel is damaged. Also, attempting a repair on a smartphone may easily invalidate your warranty. In the event of a broken screen, it is always best to trust your phone to a qualified repair service . And investing in a quality shock-resistant case is always a good idea.

Water Damage- The Rice Trick is a Myth 
Another very common source of damage to Smartphones is through immersion in liquid or spills. If your phone becomes immersed, there are steps that you can take to limit the damage if done in a timely manner: First, remove the battery and SIM card (as well as headphone and peripheral devices and place the phone upright. This may help if the internal components aren’t immediately affected. The popular “Rice Trick” has not been proven to have a demonstrable effect on removing moisture from the internals of a phone with water damage, in fact dust and broken bits can compromise charging ports and headphone and auxiliary ports. This is an instance where a professional can determine the extent of damage to your phone, if any. And resist some of the other folk remedies- especially placing the phone in a microwave. This is another instance where a good quality case can help your phone resist unwanted liquid adventures. Fun fact: Men are statistically more likely to spill beer on their phones than women.

99% of all Malware for Mobile Platforms is Targeted for Android Phones

In the rare occasion that this occurs, a professional repair shop can locate and remove the faulty app. One method of securing your Android from malware is to open your Settings Menu, search for Security, and then ensure that apps from Unknown Sources is disabled.