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The best ways to fix your Apple Watch when the touch screen isn’t working

January 17, 2020

Given that the Apple Watch is worn on your wrist and probably gets a pretty good pounding just trying to keep up with you on a daily basis, they are built to be tough. However, there may be times that your Apple Watch becomes unresponsive to touch, even if the hardware controls are still working fine. Here are a few Apple Watch repair ideas you can try to potentially resolve the issue.

Your fingers:

This might sound obvious, but the connectivity you have with your Apple Watch depends on electrical impulses from your finger. There are certain gloves that are specially designed to work with touch screens, but wearing other kinds of gloves is obviously going to eliminate that connectivity. Different kinds of oils or dirt on your fingers can also keep you from getting a good connection between you and your Apple Watch screen. Remove non-connective gloves and/or thoroughly wash your hands and fingers to see if that helps.

Your screen:

Similarly, if your Apple Watch screen is oily or dirty, it can create the same result. Gently clean the screen with a clean cloth to see if you can restore responsiveness.

Power down:

Powering down and restarting any touch screen device is usually a successful way of resolving any quirky issues. However, since you need screen connectivity to do a normal power down procedure, you’ll need to do a force restart. Press and hold the Digital Crown button until you see the Apple logo. This generally takes about 10 seconds.

Disconnect from your phone:

Unpairing your Apple Watch from your iPhone, wiping it from the phone, then reconnecting it can sometimes resolve all kinds of issues.

Problems with your iPhone can also cause issues with your Apple Watch. For example, if you experience phone water damage, you may need to address that problem before your Apple Watch can function properly again. “Where can I get repairs near me?” Bring your iPhone and your Apple Watch to any convenient Cell Phone Zone VA location and we’ll quickly isolate the problem for you, then take the necessary actions to get you back in touch with your Apple Watch connectivity.

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