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The most common ways people break their cell phones.

October 7, 2020

Considering how big a part smartphones are in our daily lives now, it’s not surprising that manufacturers have taken great pains in trying to design and develop phones that can take their share of punishment. However, there are some things that even the smartest designs or sturdiest construction materials can’t handle, even if the phone has a protective case on it to provide extra support against incidents and accidents. Here are the top five ways people break their cell phones today:

– Gravity: Smartphones have a way of slipping out of our hands, pockets, shopping carts, or even off the tops of our vehicles if we forget we temporarily placed them up there and take off to our destination. Shattered screens are the most common ailment, but a good impact can also shake internal components around, causing a whole series of electrical problems.

– Water: Sometimes when those phones slip from our hands, pockets, etc., they end up getting wet. Outdoors, you may find your phone at the bottom of a fountain, pond, or ocean you’re trying to photograph. Indoors, you would not believe how many people accidentally drop their phones in the toilet, or knock the phone into the tub while taking a bath.

– Adrenaline: People often get caught up in the heat of the moment, and sometimes their phones are the victims. Phones being thrown in a fit of rage quite often meet their demise when slamming into a wall or the floor. Even in a moment of excitement, a phone can be launched from your hands and eventually come crashing down.

– Bumps: Sometimes a phone doesn’t even need to be on you to get damaged. A phone perched on the end of a table is a good candidate for an accidental trip to the ground, courtesy of a curious young child or family pet.

– Sitting: When people put their cell phone in the back pockets and sit down, the force of the body weight is enough to cause damage. However, the phone can also be bent if pressure is applied from two different angles.

Even if you take precautions to prevent damage from happening to your phone, accidents do happen. When they do and you need cell phone repairs, come by any Cell Phone Zone location for service. We can diagnose any problem your phone may be experiencing, and we have the parts and knowledge to make it as good as new again. You don’t need an appointment to come visit us, and we’ll provide you with competitive pricing, even if the warranty on your phone has elapsed. Best of all, we can normally provide you with same-day service so you won’t need to be without your phone for long.

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