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The most serious types of iPhone problems and what to do about them

June 24, 2020

As Apple continues to invest money into research and development, iPhones are getting smarter and faster with each new series launch. Each new release provides stronger screens, more powerful options to use, smarter features, and better security to put more convenience in the palm of your hand. However, they aren’t totally indestructible yet. Here are a few of the most serious types of problems you may encounter and what you should do to resolve the issues.

iOS Updates – iOS updates are intended to fix programming problems in the phone’s operating system that have been found by Apple engineers. However, these updates are not always free from bugs themselves, which is why “patches” are often deployed soon after an iOS update has been released and downloaded.

Malware – Although malware attacks are rare for iPhones, they can occur, especially if you download apps from a third party outside of the Apple App Store. This allows your phone to be “jailbroken” and susceptible to a host of bad things that can mess with your phone features, steal your personal data, and crash your phone’s operating system.

Physical Damage – No matter how careful you are or if you have a protective cover on your iPhone, you may run into a situation where your phone gets dunked, the screen gets cracked, buttons need replacing, there’s a problem with the camera, the battery won’t hold a charge, or input jacks aren’t working properly.

How do you resolve these issues? With iOS updates, it’s best to just let Apple work out the details, find the necessary fixes, then you should download the updates and patches as soon as they become available.

For malware, you can protect yourself first and foremost by not downloading third-party apps. However, if your phone is glitching because of malware or because of physical issues such as water damage, broken parts, or a battery that can no longer hold a charge, bring your phone to any Cell Phone Zone store. We’ll run a diagnostic to see what’s wrong, then fix the problem more quickly than you might expect. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by our pricing, especially if your phone is out of warranty with Apple.

Issues happen. Cell Phone Zone knows how to make things right again. Come see us.

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