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Better Fireworks Picture With iPhone

Tips for capturing dazzling fireworks photos with your iPhone.

March 19, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of large celebrations to be cancelled last year. With any luck, the current vaccines that are being distributed will help control the spread of the virus and people may be able to return to large outdoor events, especially when fireworks are part of the magic. If that does end up being the case, we want you to be prepared to capture some of the awesome magic you’ll witness by providing some tips for taking dazzling fireworks photos with your iPhone.

Ideally, the best way to capture stunning photos of massive fireworks displays is to have a tripod and a Bluetooth shutter release for your iPhone. Since most people don’t happen to carry around such items,

Here are a few ideas on how to make your hand-held photos just as spectacular.

Flash. Turn it off. You won’t need it and it won’t help you take better photos. In fact, you’ll want the dramatic contrast between the dazzling lights and the night sky.

HDR. While you’re making sure your flash has been switched from “on” or “automatic” to “off,” look right next to the flash icon to locate the HDR option. This stands for High Dynamic Range, which will prompt your iPhone to take three pictures at once—a darker exposure, a lighter exposure, and a normal exposure. It will then combine all three into a single photo that will capture more brilliance and detail.

Locks. You can lock your focus and exposure levels to concentrate on the light from the fireworks. When the first burst goes off, point your phone at it, then tap and hold your finger on the burst of light. A yellow box should appear on the screen, followed eventually by the words “AE/AF Lock.” This will ensure that your camera won’t have to adjust every time you want to take a picture from this point on. If you need to adjust the exposure, tap and hold the sun icon next to the yellow box and move it to a setting you prefer.

Burst. Once your focus and exposure levels are locked and where you like them, shoot bursts of photos by pressing and holding down the white shutter button when you hear the bomb being launched and follow the glowing fuse trail. You’ll end up with a lot of photos you’ll need to go through later, but you’ll have a better chance of capturing a great image each time you shoot. You can then delete the other photos later. Just be sure to hold a still as possible while you’re shooting.

Cheat. If all else fails, simply take video of the fireworks from start to finish, then go back and get screenshots of the frames you like. The quality of the photos will be a little less sharp, but you’ll most likely get several amazing images.

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