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Top Helpful Tips for Broken iPhone Repair In Hampton VA

December 30, 2021

It’s not pleasant to think about, and it’s not at all pleasant to experience. If you own a smartphone, there’s a very good chance that due to an accident or a spill, or from simple wear from use it will eventually need repair. It’s a position nobody wants to be in, but in the event of an accident, it’s best to have a few iphone repair tips handy.

Initially, a bit of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Invest in a good quality case for your iPhone that will protect it from shock, dust, and exposure to liquids. It’s also a good policy to use power cables and plugs from the manufacturer or another trusted source. Many aftermarket charger products can undercharge or overheat your battery and damage your phone. 

As for protecting your battery, the “Optimized Battery Charging” feature can improve and extend the battery function of any Apple device that operates on iOS 15. In order to access this feature, find “Battery” in the “Settings” menu. Locate “Battery Health”. Turn on Optimized Battery Charging.

If you have problems with your phone overheating, it could be the result of leaving it in a hot vehicle, using it for too long in powerful direct sunlight or running multiple applications for an extended period of time. When your iPhone gets too hot, it will automatically go into “cool-down” mode. This is a defensive function designed to protect your phone’s internals from damage from overheating issues. You may find that your phone will not charge, slows down significantly, and has a weak signal. Some options may not function fully.

If this happens, turn your iPhone off, disconnect the charging cable or remove it from the charging dock, remove it from the protective case, place it in an area with a cooler ambient temperature, and allow it to cool down slowly. 

Even with a protective case, some accidents will occasionally still occur that can damage your iPhone. In the event of a liquid spill, or your iPhone being dropped into water, etc, resist the advice of certain internet advisors that tell you to put your iPhone into a bag of rice. This can potentially damage your device by dust getting into the internals and combining with moisture, creating a gummy substance. Broken kernels can also get into the charging and headphone jack ports, and become difficult or impossible to remove without disassembly. 

In case of a spill or immersion, remove the iPhone from the case, remove the SIM card, gently shake out any excess liquid, place the phone flat on a dry surface, preferably on a bed of commercial desiccant packets, and allow it to dry. Many iPhones have a Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI), and on most models, it’s found in the SIM card slot. If your phone’s LCI has tripped, it will be red. It is time to refer your device to professional repair service.

In the case of a superficially-cracked screen, some simple cell phone screen repairs can be made with cyanoacrylate compounds such as super glue and clear nail polish. This is for cosmetic repairs only, and the material should be applied carefully in minute amounts with a pin or toothpick. Be aware that DIY repairs may void your iPhone’s warranty. 

In the case of deeper cracks, the LCD layer may be damaged. This will affect the user interface, and impair the function of your phone. This is another instance where the Cell Phone Zone professional iPhone repair specialists in Chesapeake, or Lynnhaven mall in Virginia Beach would be recommended. 


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