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Top tips to increase your battery life

Top tips to increase your battery life

March 19, 2020

When it comes to battery life of your smartphone, there are actually two different issues at hand: the battery lifespan, which is the length of time before the battery will need to be replaced, and the battery charge, or how much battery life you have to work with on a single charge.

Battery Lifespan– Batteries are only capable of withstanding a certain number of drain/replenish cycles, meaning a full discharge of the battery followed by a full charge, taking the battery from 0% charge to 100% charge. Partial charges count as a fraction of a cycle.

Battery manufacturers claim that after 400 cycles or so, your phone’s battery capacity will degrade by 20%. In other words, the battery will now only be able to store 80% of the charge it originally could hold. In addition, it will continue to degrade with additional charges.

Therefore, if you can reduce the draw on your battery, you can also extend the lifespan of your battery by not draining and recharging so frequently.

Battery Charge– There are a number of things you can do to reduce the wear and tear on your battery, and extend the length of the charge:

– Avoid extreme temperatures:– The normal operating temperature for a smartphone is between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit (0 and 35 degrees Celsius). Leaving it in extreme hot or cold temperatures, or using it in similar conditions can put an extra strain on the battery.

– Slow and steady:– The best way to charge a battery is to do so slowly. Although fast chargers are popular and sometimes necessary, especially for people who travel frequently and need quick access to their phones, using them frequently can also stress the battery and drain its life faster.

– Bright idea:-Understandably, a smartphone’s screen creates the most battery draw. By turning down the screen’s brightness, you can significantly reduce that draw. You can also opt to use a dark mode which shows white type of black backgrounds

– Go to timeout: – Your screen has a timeout feature that will automatically dim the screen after a set timeframe when not in use. Shortly after, the phone will auto-lock and go completely dark. To resume use of the phone, you’ll need to manually power it back up. There is a feature on your phone that allows you to adjust the timeout feature from several minutes down to 30 seconds. By shortening the auto-lock time frame, you can save a tremendous amount of battery charge when the phone is not in use and you don’t manually power it down.

No matter what you do and how careful you are with maintaining your smartphone’s battery life, it will run down eventually, especially if you keep your phone for an extended period of time. When you need a new battery, the staff at Cell Phone Zone is ready to offer you the best smartphone repair services to get you powered up again with a brand-new battery.

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