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Top tips to prevent your iPhone screen from getting scratched.

July 17, 2020

The screen on an iPhone is the control center for the whole device. If it gets cracked or broken, it can be difficult to read what’s on the screen and it could affect the use of apps if the screen can no longer detect your touch. To keep your iPhone screen as protected as possible from any kind of damage, here are a few tips to keep the odds in your favor.

Plastic Film: There are single-sheet screen protectors designed to protect your screen from scratches. They are inexpensive enough that if a scratch does happen, you can simply peel the film off and replace it with another. However, these screen protectors are not designed to protect your phone screen from a major impact. In addition, they are sometimes difficult to use when small air pockets get trapped between the film and the actual screen.

Phone Cases: You can purchase varying degrees of protective cases that will deflect screen scratches and keep your phone intact in the event it gets dropped or crushed. Some of these cases are also designed to further protect your iPhone from water damage. On the negative side, some phone cases can make the phone bulky and difficult to carry easily.

Liquid Armor: There is a spray chemical that can be applied to your iPhone screen to protect the screen from damage and to make it easier to clean. Just be aware that it generally takes 24 hours for Liquid Armor to fully dry, so you’ll need to be prepared to be without the use of your phone for a day or so.

The best way to prevent damage to your iPhone screen is keep it from damage in the first place. Be aware of sharp things like keys, pens, and coins when you throw your phone in your purse. Don’t put it in a place where it can be easily bumped off a surface and fall. Clean the screen regularly to keep sand, dust, and dirt from accumulating.

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