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What are the main differences between the Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 7?

December 4, 2020

Samsung and Apple, the respective manufacturers of the Galaxy and iPhone lines of smartphones, have created a competitive rivalry that truly benefits consumers. When one manufacturer comes out with a new feature on a series product launch, you can bet the other will be trying to one-up their competition by coming up with an equally impressive new feature or series of improvements.

When it comes to choosing the “best” phone, loyalists from both camps will tell you their manufacturer rules the land, no matter what new features are launched. For someone who has no brand loyalty and is wondering what smartphone will work best for them, here are a few differences between the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7:

– Dimensions. The Galaxy S7 measures 5.61” x 2.74” x 0.31”. The iPhone 7 is 5.44” x 2.64” x .028”, making it ever so slightly smaller and lighter. Both are still to use with one hand and can be conveniently carried. However, the display area on the S7 is 5.1” and offers 577 pixels per square inch (ppi) with rich, saturated colors and true black. In comparison, the iPhone 7’s display area is 4.7” with 326 ppi.

– Elements. Both phones are resistant to moisture and dust intrusion, even to the point where you can shoot photos underwater. But, while the iPhone 7 can be under three feet of water for 30 minutes, you can take the S7 to a depth of six feet for 30 minutes.

– Sound. The iPhone 7 removed the earbuds jack but amped up the sound quality by offering dual stereo speakers—one at the top and one at the bottom. The S7 has a single bottom speaker.

– Processors. The iPhone 7 comes with a 64-bit A10 Fusion Chip that is said to provide “console-level gaming.” The S7 offers a 64-bit quad-core Snapdragon 820 processor. While both offer a great user experience, the S7 also provides 4GB of RAM while the iPhone 7 has 2GB.

The biggest differentiation between the two models is that iPhone’s iOS offers better app support and updates, while Androids offer greater phone customization. In the long run, the choice ultimately comes down to what the user is most comfortable with. In either event, if you ever need Galaxy 7 or iPhone 7 repairs, Cell Phone Zone can offer you quality service at competitive prices, no matter which phone you opt to own.

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