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Will a case protect your cell phone from damage?

October 14, 2020

A smartphone is a major financial investment that takes care of a lot of different functions for us, including allowing us to communicate with others from almost anywhere while it also acts as an address book, video and still camera, gaming distraction, television, alarm clock, and private administrative assistant, among many, many other things. It’s no surprise then that phone cases have become almost as popular as the phones themselves—protecting that investment from shock, moisture, and dirt/dust.

While they do add a bit of extra bulk that smartphone manufacturers have worked so hard to trim off, the majority of smartphone owners believe that an investment in a sturdy case is worth every penny. If nothing else, it’s certainly less expensive than buying a new phone every time your current phone gets damaged, and in most cases, it’s cheaper than having your phone repaired, depending on where you take it and whether your warranty is still active.

Will it protect your phone from damage? Although smartphones are built to be portable and thus need to be sturdy, nothing is indestructible. However, depending on the grade of the case purchased, it can definitely provide an extra layer of protection that may save your phone in many instances where an unprotected phone might meet its demise. A good case will provide you with protection from:

– Trauma. Smartphones get accidentally dropped. A lot. A good case can absorb a great bit of the impact when a phone falls and hits the floor. This not only protects the phone’s delicate screen, it can cushion the electronic components within the phone, keeping them from being damaged.

– Moisture. Sometime when a phone gets dropped it falls in water, especially for people who use their phones in the bathroom. Other times, the moisture comes to the phone via a spilled drink or heavy rain. A case that offers waterproofing protection as well as impact resistance can keep your phone operating as intended, even if it falls in the toilet.

As mentioned previously, accidents do happen and a case can only provide so much protection. If you need cell phone repair service in Virginia Beach, stop by any Cell Phone Zone VA store and we’ll make everything right again, at a competitive price (even if you don’t have a manufacturer warranty), and usually within 30 minutes, depending on the severity of the repair.

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