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how to take better pictures with iPhone.

Tips on how to take better pictures with your iPhone

June 24, 2020

In the 80 years before the first commercial cameras were introduced, it is estimated that a few million photos were taken. Thirty years after Kodak released their “Brownie” camera in 1900, approximately one billion photos were being taken annually. Today, thanks to the popularity of smartphones and the increasingly powerful cameras that are included, we now take more photos every other minute than were taken in the world in the entire 1800s.

 Photography used to be a somewhat complicated process where the photographer would first measure the ambient light, then decide what shutter speed and lens aperture should be used. Before Polaroid introduced “instant” photos, you’d just need to wait until your film was developed and prints were made before you knew if you had a good shot or not.

 Today, smartphones make all the complicated measurements and calculations for you in an instant. If you don’t like the photo, you can delete it or possibly edit it. However, there is still some talent involved in getting those really great shots. Here are a few easy tips on how you can improve your photo skills.

  Keep the subject simple. Scenes with several different elements going on at the same time can be distracting. Try to key in on one particular element instead. Examine the subject before you shoot it to make sure if there is anything in the way, whether you need to zoom in or out, and if you have the best angle to capture the moment before you shoot.

  Change your perspective. If you currently shoot most of your subjects straight on, try playing with the angle from which you take your photos to see things in a whole new way. Shoot upward from a low angle to provide length and depth of field to your pictures.

  Get up close. Zoom in on one particular feature to capture the sheer texture of it. People will have a fun time trying to guess what you were shooting.

  Get off-centered. The subject matter of your photos doesn’t always need to perfectly centered. Instead, try putting your subject(s) off to one side of the photo or the other to add some space to the shot.

  Don’t say “cheese.” When shooting people, don’t always let them pose. Taking candid shots can provide some far more interesting outcomes and unexpected results.

 The bottom line is, think outside the box, play around, and have some fun. You’ll enjoy taking photos more and your outcomes will deliver results you’ve never achieved previously.

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