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Basic toolkit for iPhone Repair

The basic tools needed for an iPhone repair kit.

February 26, 2020

With the right tools, the proper replacement parts, and a little bit of patience, you can watch how-to videos from the Internet to figure out how to do some simple repairs on your iPhone at home. A basic repair kit should include the following:

Small screwdrivers. You’ll probably need both Phillips head and flat head versions so you can open portals to your phone and possibly to loosen components inside.

Plastic pry tools. You may need to use a little leverage to remove protective cases from the phone, and there may be instances when you might have to do the same with the actual iPhone body or for components inside. You want to make sure the tools are plastic so they don’t scratch your casing or provide a conductive element that could damage electrical contacts inside your phone.

Suction cup. This can be a very helpful tool especially when removing the screen on your phone or for grabbing ahold of parts within the phone that are difficult to remove.

Curved-tip tweezers. Tweezers are great for getting into the tight spaces inside your phone when removing or replacing very small components. Curved-tip tweezers also make it easier for you to see what you’re doing.

Magnifying glass. Some components within your iPhone are quite small. You may need to magnify what you are seeing so you are accessing the proper item.

Cleaning cloth. After the repairs are completed, you may need a soft cloth to clean fingerprints or suction cup marks off the screen of your phone, or to remove fingerprints from the casing before putting your phone back in its protective sleeve.

Paperclip. If you ever need to replace your SIM card, or if you’re traveling outside the U.S. and want to swap out the SIM card with one from the country you are visiting, you will need a paperclip to open the access port.

If you need more that what’s listed above, you may be better off seeing the specialists at Cell Phone Zone. They have the tools, parts and experience to fix whatever ails your phone and it’ll be easier and cheaper than buying diagnostic scanners or specialty tools.