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Android Smartphone Problems

The top five Android smartphone problems and how to fix them.

December 27, 2020

There is so much incredible technology packed into a very small frame when it comes to Android phones, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that something could inevitably go wrong with the phone. Here are the top five problems reported by Android users and what you can do it you encounter a similar scenario:

– Storage. There are a number of pre-installed apps that come with your phone when you purchase it. There may be several that you haven’t paid much attention to, but never bothered to delete them. If you install the “Files by Google” app, it will let you know which apps and files are taking up too much space, and it will let you delete them with the touch of a button.

– Media. You probably have no idea how many photos and videos you’ve got stored away on your phone. If you have time, you can go through them and delete individual files that are blurry or you no longer want. Or, you can download the “Google Photos” app and back up all your photos on cloud storage. Then you can remove them from your phone to free up more room.

– Battery Life. One of the most common problems people encounter with their phones is keeping the battery charged. You can add more battery life per charge by making a few simple adjustments. For one, dark colors consume less power, so by turning down the screen brightness, you can extend the charge life. You can also adjust the “Screen Timeout” setting so your phone isn’t remaining active when you’re not using it.

– Text Size. If you need to put on glasses to read what’s on your phone’s screen, you may want to adjust the sizing. In the “Accessibility” section of your system settings, you can either change the “Font Size” which will increase the size of the text throughout your phone, or you can change the “Display Size” which will increase the size of everything on your screen.

– Notifications. We all receive annoying alerts from app manufacturers or spammers. You can do away with these by pressing and holding your finger next to the unwanted alert. This will pull up a menu that can allow you to turn off similar notifications automatically, or mute them so it still shows up but doesn’t require you to take action.

Of course, there are other more serious problems your Android phone may encounter, including a shattered screen or completely dead battery. If anything like this happens, your best bet is to find a local, independent repair facility that can take care of these problems for you. They have all the parts, skills, and tools needed to make the repair, they can normally get your phone back to you the same day you bring it in, and you’ll enjoy competitive pricing.


Life is full of little problems. Luckily, when it comes to Android smartphones, there are simple solutions that anyone can do to make things right again. One of the biggest problems is storage space. With cloud storage, you can easily back-up all your photos and videos to a remote server so you can free up the storage on your phone.

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